Sunday, July 24, 2011

Duchess Kate & the Queen view Kate’s “creepy” wedding dress exhibit - Latest News and Gossips

Waity and the Queen! ZOMG! WAITY AND THE QUEEN. I’m so excited, I can’t even make fun of this. I was going to start in about the Queen’s look of befuddlement (“Who is this tragically slender girl, and why is she speaking in my presence?”), but really, the Queen and Duchess Kate look kind of cute together. The Queen and Duchess Catherine (otherwise known as Liz n’ Waity) officially viewed Kate’s wedding dress, which went on display in Buckingham Palace today and is expected to draw tens of thousands of visitors while on its limited 10-week display.
Did you know that Kate’s Sarah Burton (for McQueen) wedding gown cost $400,000 to make? Jay-sus. The dress exhibit includes both the Queen’s Cartier “Halo” tiara (which she lent Kate for the wedding) and Kate’s wedding shoes - Waity wears a size 6 8 (?) shoe (in American sizing). Supposedly, everyone is already talking about how absolutely tiny the dress is, specifically how incredibly little Kate’s waist was on her wedding day, and continues to be now. To read more about the dress and the exhibit, go here.
My favorite part? According to sources, the Queen described the exhibit as “CREEPY”. LOL.
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly described as “creepy” a new exhibition featuring the wedding dress worn by the former Kate Middleton when she married Prince William in April.
The Alexander McQueen dress is being exhibited on a headless mannequin in the ballroom at Buckingham Palace, with the tiara and veil that the now Duchess of Cambridge wore, suspended above it.
During a private tour with her new granddaughter-in-law before the exhibition opens to the public on Saturday, the queen was heard to say “horrible” and “horrid” as she stood in front of the dress.
“It’s made to look very creepy,” said the monarch, while Catherine responded that it had a “3D effect”, according to a reporter from Britain’s Press Association news agency who was there.
A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “This was part of a private conversation between the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge and we do not comment on private conversations”.
The dress, designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, is made of ivory and white satin-gazar (stiffened organza) and will be on display as part of the summer exhibition at the palace, which runs until October 3.
Hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to flock to see the gown following huge interest in the April 29 wedding at Westminster Abbey, which was watched by an estimated two billion people worldwide.
[From France 24]
The Queen is not amused by the general macabre spookiness of viewing a wedding dress. We (the royal “we”) think that is horrid, horrible, and absolutely tragic! I love that the Queen was pissed off by the way the dress was being displayed. You know she “had words” with somebody. OFF TO THE TOWER.
Is this the first time the Queen and Kate have ever been (relatively) alone with each other? I get the feeling that it is, and that every other time Kate has been around the Queen, William is there too.
UPDATE: Another fun bit with the Queen. She and Kate were walking through the state rooms of Buckingham Palace and the Queen was overheard saying, “You’ve seen this already, so… you don’t really want to see it again, do you?” Royal translation: “You’re boring the piss out of me, my feet hurt and I’d really rather spend time with the corgis than you.”
UPDATE: Damn, you bitches are going crazy about her shoe size. I got the “size 6″ figure from this source. They might be wrong - apparently, the shoes are stamped 5 1/2 in European sizes. What is that in American sizing?

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