Sunday, July 17, 2011

Latest Jewelry Trends in Summer - Jewelry Designs

Latest Jewelry Trends in Summer
Jewelry is associated with ladies. It is symbol of feminine charisma no matter how women look like, every women has interest and a natural attraction for jewelry and especially for bangles and bracelets. In this article you will get proper idea that what should you wear in this summer.

Bangles and bracelets are liked and appreciated by every one and especially in South Asia. It shows the tradition of eastern culture .A married women is very much eager to wear bangles as it’s the sign of their matrimony. On the other hand, bracelets are liked by girls, who are much interested in looking stylish and loves to enjoy the spotlight as fashionable divas.

In olden days, Bangles were made of glass usually. These glass bangles were one colored and of plain glass but now new jewelry trends this summer have given more variation to it like now bangles are available  in  different colors instead of plain ones in past.

Now you see plain glass bangles very rarely because glass bangles with tussles over then are much in trend now days.

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