Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blend of East and West Trend - Western Kameez Shalwar

Blend of East and West Trend in Summer
Eastern outfits are a sign of traditional culture. In the olden times eastern outfits were very simple and without any embellishments. But now eastern dresses are having new styles and trends. Latest designers have made so much innovations and additions in it.In this summer a lot of designers have presented blend of eastern and western touch in a new way.Fashion house Sublime at PFDC sun silk fashion week presented edgy western gowns with the addition of Dupatta that gave a modest touch to the entire feel of the outfits.Besides, some of the dresses also carried within them the culture trend of Punjabi Lacha revolutionized in to the modern day trendy dresses.

Similarly Akif Mahmood combined funky western tops with chori dars,and created eccentric creations of east-meets-west-look.In addition to PFDC sun silk collection, summer lawn are equally brimming with this trend encapsulating western glamor in to traditional lawn prints. Be it the desi Shalwar or chori pajama, pair them and create looks of timeless imaginations.

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