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How to Trim Thinning – Long Hair - Hairstyles tips

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Trim Thinning - Long Hair
If you have always had lots of long tresses, you may be surprised to find that your hair thins with time, pregnancy or health changes. Don’t take this too badly, all is not lost, just a few strands of hair! It’s time to trim up what you have, so it can move naturally and get a little bounce back in it. Cutting thinning hair, especially when it’s long, may take an expert’s touch, so if you start realize something looks off, don’t be afraid to visit pro. If you know what you are doing, though, get ready to refresh your look!


Wash and condition your hair. Wash your hair gently, using a thickening shampoo that helps prevent breakage. Massage the shampoo into your scalp lightly and work it down to the ends of your hair, using your fingertips as you go. Don’t bunch your hair up on your head, as that can cause damage. Rinse out the shampoo, then condition with a lightweight conditioner. Rinse the conditioner thoroughly until you can’t feel any residue in your hair.


Part your bangs. Bangs are going to save you in a lot of ways when your hair is thin.
First, they create a blunt line, which is the key to the appearance of thickness.
Second, you can style them however you like – straight down or to the side – so your look is as versatile as people with thick hair. Part bangs with your index fingers at the natural part. Let the hair fall into your face and check its wave or curl pattern in the mirror. When you like what you see, use a rattail comb to ensure the part is perfectly straight.


Cut your bangs. Use a round brush and a blow dryer to dry you bangs. If you cut them wet, they’ll probably just spring up too short and look silly. Once they are dry, use hairstyling shears to snip from one side to the other just below the arch of the eyebrows. Any shorter or longer and your hair’s thinness will be too obvious. Cut at a slight angle instead of a straight line and then go back and even everything out.


Cut the back of your hair. Section the sides of your hair away and lift the back of your hair in the mirror. It’s OK if it’s still wet, as long as all of it stays equally wet as you work. Keep a spray bottle nearly and sprits hair with water as needed. Cut hair so that it falls just to the collarbone. This still lets you keep it along with a blunt edge, but without giving away its thinness.


Double check the back. Face away from your wall mirror and hold a hand mirror up. Position the hand mirror until you can see the back of your hair. Ensure it falls evenly. If not, trim it up again and check once more. Cut slowly and just a little bit at a time. You can always cut more, but you can’t reattach hair!


Cut the sides. Cut the sides even with the back. Check with the hand mirror that the swing line of your hair is even all around. Again trim as needed. Keep hair wet with the spritzer.


Trim the edges blunt. Once you are satisfied with the length and evenness of your haircut, trim a teeny amount – maybe 1/16th of an inch – all the way around. Hold the scissors exactly perpendicular to your hair to give it a blunt edge. This creates the look of the ‘swingy’ thickness you want.

Things You will Need

1.       Thickening shampoo

2.       Conditioner

3.       Rattail comb

4.       Round brush

5.       Blow dryer

6.       Hairstyling shears

7.       Spray bottle

8.       Hand mirror

Tips and Tricks

Once hair dries, you may need to again trim the blunt edges. It’s okay to do this dry.

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