Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PHILIP & CAIN TAG KENNY free adult gay male videos

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Ever wonder if they guys in our videos watch their own scenes? Sometimes they observe … and sometimes the results are even wilder than the original video! Philip and Cain are hanging out and watching Philip's video of the first time he got fucked – and of course, Cain was the one who first fucked Philip. They talk relating to how much fun they had with each other. Cain mentions it would have ~ing hot to reenact it, and Philip says adding in more guys would be great. Kenny walks in and sees what the guys are up to. Cain tells Kenny they'd tenderness to re-enact the video they're watching with another fright. Kenny's more than willing! As Cain and Philip's video plays in successi free adult gay photo~ the big screen, Philip and Cain Free gay videos strip Kenny's clothes opposite to and prepare to add a new twist to the scene. Philip and Cain take turns sucking Kenny's cock. Kenny moans in ravishment as Cain tells Philip to free adult gay sites lick Kenny's balls. Cain gets Kenny free adult gay stories's dick delicate and wet by spitting on it and sucking it deeply. Kenny sits in the chair and sucks Cain then Philip. Cain stuffs Kenny's mouth through his cock as Kenny jerks Philip's cock. The guys tooth-~ Kenny up and get him on the futon. As the video shows Cain feeding Philip his cock free adult gay stuff onscreen, he feeds his veritable-life cock to Kenny. Philip comments that Cain is a substantive mouthful gay videos! Kenny sucks Cain's balls as Philip swallows Kenny's dick. Cain tells Philip to gnaw into Kenny's asshole. He gets it good and wet for Cain's not quick dick. “Put your tongue deep in there,” Cain orders. Philip drives his discourse in, then he teases Kenny's hole with his finger. Philip tells Cain Kenny's unhesitating for him. “Want me to stretch that little hole?” Cain asks. Philip tells him to be him good, just like he worked him during his first time. Cain slides his dick into Kenny, in the same proportion that Kenny sucks Philip's cock. Kenny's getting pounded hard ~ dint of. Cain's uncut dick. Philip can't help but glance at the TV, seeing himself get plugged by Cain a while ago, while Kenny sucks his cock at once. Philip wants his turn, so Kenny flips over. Philip drills into Kenny's ass. Cain feeds Kenny his dick. Kenny tells them it feels in the same state good. Suddenly, Cain shoots his load all over Kenny's tightly-muscled torso. Cain's cum sprays all over Kenny's chest. He kisses Kenny and tells them he's going to let them finish up. Philip keeps pounding away. Kenny blasts his recognize load all the way up to his shoulder! Philip continues to furrow Kenny, fucking every last drop of cum out of his cock. Philip jackhammers Kenny. He pulls thoroughly and sprays his load all over Kenny. Kenny's drenched in cum! Philip strokes their cocks arm in arm and then kisses Kenny. See what happens when you put a CF video forward?

free adult gay man pics

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free adult gay man pics

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