Tuesday, August 9, 2011

GayWarGames-Michal and Sergei were sent to Tchukistan free gay latino picture porn

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Starring: Sergei, Michal
Categories: Fetish, Military

Michal and Sergei were sent to Tchukistan even-handed half a year ago. The Russian UN peacekeeping mission is limited to the South toward the east forests near Novo Sazky. In past there have been several clashes between regular and Free gay videos rebel troops. But for a few months now the spot seemed firmly under the control of the international forces.
So the surprise was level bigger when their outpost was attacked by marauding rebels this late afternoon. Sergei noticed some movement in the bushes but it was over late. Ivan and Becko got to close to the raised stand. A severe fight started but the Russians couldn't defend their position. Ivan storms upstairs and leads the surrendering UN soldiers below the horizon. With their hands raised Becko tells them to strip. Reluctantly they divest of clothes. Helmet, belt and suit. The rebels lead their captives away to their nearby barracks.
Once they arrive Becko starts more music from his cassette recorder. The Russians look at each other. He plays gay videos Kalinka – a celebrated folk song. What is going to happen now? “Dance!” Becko commands. The Russians slip on't move “Dance I said!” And free gay latino porn and pics slowly they start to awaken. They give a good show for free gay latino porn downloads our Rebels who just free gay latino porn video penury to humiliate their captives. When the song finished both guys were told to strip.
Stripped totally naked Michal gets bound to the bed. “Now draw milk from – suck your comrade” and dumbfounded Sergei goes on his knees and takes his vie with?s cock into his mouth. Michal?s face shows nothing on the contrary disgust but he cannot do anything about this. Ivan gets a seat of authority around and starts to fondle himself. “Suck faster, Russian bitch! - and accord. us some good entertainment!”
Format: wmv
Resolution: 1280x720
Runtime: 11 min.
Filesize: 327 Mb

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File glutinous substance: 327.4 MB

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