Thursday, July 21, 2011

Truck Art in Clothes Is the New Thing - Fashion Trends and News

Traditions old truck is now seen in clothes now. Keeping the tradition alive our designers have started including truck art in their outfits. So following the latest trend, get your truck art outfit now with truck art motives in vibrant colors. This is a way to add color to your wardrobe and your life.
Truck art is a unique form of art found everywhere in our country. Since ages it has been a part of our culture, we are known for this art all over the world. Pakistani trucks are painted with intricate motives and vibrant colors. Our trucks are so colorful and they depict the spirit of our nation.
Keeping this tradition alive our designers came up with a brilliant idea to make truck art a part of our outfits. The first designer who came up with this idea was Maheen Khan when she came up with ‘Gulabo’. The latest trend this summer is truck art clothes. All the latest summer collection is full of vibrant colors.
Truck art motives are used in all the clothes making them extremely colorful. Truck art is used in a diverse form; you will get to see dull colored Kurtas with a truck art motive on the neck line or below the neck line making it colorful and graceful at the same time. In many outfits these motives are found on the bottom of the Kurtas with amazing color combinations.
Even lawn prints are full of oranges, yellows, reds and pinks. The best part is that you can wear these kurtas on top of Churidar’s as well as jeans. Adding so many colors to your outfits you will feel full of life. Adding colors to clothes is like adding colors to your life because your outfits have a very important place in your life.
You can also get matching bags with your truck art outfit. You can also use those bags with simple plain colored outfits; the bright colored bag will compliment the dull colors in your outfit. You can get these kinds of outfits from Gulabo or Khaadi or also get them made. Khaadi has an amazing collection of truck art outfits and bags as well.
If you want to stay in your budget then you can always get your clothes made from the embroidery wala’s. You can also take matching scarves and stoles with these Kurtas. To add accessories you can wear matching funky bangles. So enjoy this latest trend these summers with vibrant colors that will not only make you look gorgeous but also make you feel good about your life. Always remember bright colors bring joy to your life.

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