Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Style Tips for Looking Thinner - Latest Fahshion Tips

If you have got lots of stylish outfits and catching accessories, this will not ensure your great look in them, if you have some problems with your figure. This however doesn’t mean that you should get depressed and think it’s the end of life. Any situation has got at least two ways out. And to rescue you from this disastrous situation, our skillful stylists present some useful fashion tips on looking thinner in your fashionable clothing pieces. These style tips will guarantee your gorgeous appearance and will boost your self-confidence. Rely on your creativeness to nail down the trendiest outfit ideas with the help of these tricks and improve you appearance in summer.
One of the easiest ways of looking thinner is playing with jewelry. Just use your accessorizing skills and create a slimming effect with the help of these precious ideas. To emphasize the beauty of your face, opt for chandeliers. Long necklaces draw the attention to the mid-sections and your décolletage, at the same time elongating your beautiful neck. Bangles and glittery glam cuffs shift the attention from the upper section of your arms to the wrists.
Another great trick of looking slimmer is to emphasize the top section. The name of this game is the V-neckline, which is the favorite trick of many celebrities. Go for stylish tops, cardigans, blouses and even dresses with a V-neckline and easily achieve a slender figure.
Another popular trick among celebrities is matching their footwear with their skin tone. This way more length is given to the lower section of your body, creating a dazzling impression. If you have a fair skin, try to wear creamy or nude shoes in the warm season. Analyze your skin tone and choose the most complementing footwear.
To add some length to your figure, go for a block-colored image. It is advisable to match your tops with bottom pieces of the same shade. This style appears to be rather dapper and capable of slimming and elongating your silhouettes.
Another great style trick is matching your fav jeans with a voguish jacket or blazer, which will give the impression of a perfectly toned figure. A stylish jacket or cardigan will go with any style of jeans, whether skinny or straight leg.
As you see, it’s extremely easy and time consuming to get an illusion of a perfectly proportionate silhouette, if you aren’t granted with one from nature.

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