Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mehndi Vogue - Latest Mehendi Designs

Mehndi Vogue
Mehndi is famous in eastern culture. In the olden times it was used to dye the hairs and also the hands of brides at the time of wedding. But as the time passed its use become modernized just like a lot of things.Also technology makes it more fashion oriented.

It can give pretty and beautiful color not only to hands but also every different region have its own style of Mehndi like Arabic Mehndi,Indian designs of Menial are different but one common thing they all have is that every design uniquely give beautiful color to hands and feet.

People can use Mehndi as conditioner by taking one cup Mehndi and a cup of water boiled with tea leaves. Then put that boiled water of tea in Mehndi also put some oil and mix all of them. If the mixture is thick then add some plain water to make it thin.
Mehndi has so many uses now a days,like we have a very famous Mehndi Function on our typical Eastern wedding ceremonies.

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