Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Bridal Beauty Nails Art - Latest Make-up Tips

THE Bridal Beauty Plan of the Nails
Finger nails and toe nails are very important part of every ones beauty. But some times making arrangements of every thing, your nails may get over looked. So bride must take out some time to take care of their nails and pamper them as they deserve the love and care. On wedding day bridals hands are the centre of attention of every body as they are eager to see the jewellery, Mehndi on the hands and also signing the document at the time of nikah.Thats why bride must take extra care and attention to their nails for the big day.

Following are some tips which will help you identify yours and you can take care of your nails according to that and keep them in a great shape for their wedding.Normal nails are the best and easy to handle. They are pink, healthy and grow easily.

Soft nails grows slowly, health wise weak and tend to bend easily without mush effort. Health can be improved by applying nail hardeners and putting some gloves while doing household chores that directly contact with water like dishwashing and laundry.

Hard nails are easily identifiable by pressing your thumb on them and they will feel moisture less. Keep your nails moisturized.

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