Monday, July 18, 2011

5 Tips On How To Become Stylish Woman - Make-up Tips

Most women frequently wonder how they can become stylish. Dear ladies, first of all, it’s necessary to understand what being a stylish means actually. A stylish woman isn’t the one keenly following recent fashion trends and always appearing in fresh outfits. In fact, being stylish is more connected with individuality, which should tell much about your preferences, character, mood and even dreams. A stylish woman always chooses clothes that fit her ideally and reveal her individuality. So, if you want to become stylish, let’s do it from the very first step now.
Tip #1 Learn!
To become a woman well aware of style, you should learn its “laws” first of all, and to learn something new means to search and find good examples. Learning style rules doesn’t mean to sit and learn some theory, but just look around you and see how people choose their clothes and combine various pieces with each other. Try to spot really stylish women, while walking along the streets, watching fashion channels or reading fashion magazines.
Tip #2 Revision
The second important step in becoming stylish is revision – look at your closet critically! You’ll definitely find there some useless clothes, which you even intended to throw away several years ago, but something stopped you. So it’s high time to be merciless and get rid of everything unwearable.
Tip #3 Begin with the safe combinations
If you are afraid of style blunders about right combinations, the safest option is classic variations, like black-black, black-white, grey-white and monochrome combinations. Check which colors and which style fit you the best and try to avoid unnecessary details for a perfect combination.

Tip #4 Find out what fits you!
Another important step is finding out what kinds of clothes suit you the best. Don’t limit yourself and don’t be afraid to try even new colors and new types of apparel, as new fashion will help you finally determine your style. Keep in mind that trendy clothes that don’t make you look trendy aren’t worth putting on.
Tip #5 Experiments
Once you reach the level when you feel self-confident, start experimenting and create your own style through unusual and original clothing combinations.
And always remember that your style of clothes should reflect your entire image – your make-up, haircut and your accessories. Moreover, your outer appearance should bring out your inner image.

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